Andy Gerchak: History buff and headbanger.
Thanks for this- I think : )

Bio what?!

I’ve seen it before- but never this good!

You don’t have to like her music to love her site. It’s way fun!

A quantum leap. From physics student to photoshop genius. “Cool” says Fred.

First Jeopardy, now Rock Paper Scissors?!?!

Is this old school? Or cutting edge? Either way it’s funny.

Socially conscious people doing really great things.

Compliments of Megan Brewer : )

Simon Tofield wanted to learn Flash…

According to Time magazine, this should be billable.

Now THAT’S old.

Talk about DIY!!

Out doodled- and with my weapon of choice!

Who knew viruses could be so beautiful? Check out Luke Jerram’s sculptures at the Heller Gallery.

NYC kids to receive wake-up calls from celebs